Houston, We Had No Problems

Came back from Houston last week and forgot to post anything here.

First, had my most satisfying marathon in years last Sunday at the Chevron Houston Marathon: perfect weather, no major mistakes, felt good throughout. Thanks to the C Different Foundation for allowing me to participate as a charity runner. Managed to raise more than $500. Race-wise, I managed to break 4 hours chip time (3:59:50) without knowing. Had my watch set to clock time and didn’t note when I actually crossed the starting line. Based on a number of factors, I’m setting a goal of 3:40 for the Cleveland Marathon in May.

The next two days were spent mostly at the Running USA Annual Conference. Lots of great networking with other race directors, including a LOT of Ohio race staff, as well as vendors who’ve I’ve only communicated with by phone or e-mail.

40th Annual Houston Marathon