2015 Running Season Finished

Morgantown Marathon start
Barring any last minute running races (maybe a New Years Eve race?) my 2015 season is over. Total tally:

  • 20 marathons including 13 new states
  • 5 half marathons
  • 3 50ks
  • a few shorter distances
  • One injury (hamstring pull) that kept me out of running shoes for about a month
  • Favorite race: Morgantown Marathon (drone photo above) with 2000 ft. of climb

If I add it all up, I probably raced more miles than I trained. Oh well….

My goal for next year is to knock off marathons in at least 10 new states allowing me to complete all 50 in 2017 or 2018.  Hoping to do the Dust Bowl Series and at least one of the following: Center of the Nation Series, Independence Series and/or Southwest Series as well as the Rite Aid Marathon (22nd consecutive  Drug Store marathon), Flying Pig and a few others TBD.

Houston, We Had No Problems

Came back from Houston last week and forgot to post anything here.

First, had my most satisfying marathon in years last Sunday at the Chevron Houston Marathon: perfect weather, no major mistakes, felt good throughout. Thanks to the C Different Foundation for allowing me to participate as a charity runner. Managed to raise more than $500. Race-wise, I managed to break 4 hours chip time (3:59:50) without knowing. Had my watch set to clock time and didn’t note when I actually crossed the starting line. Based on a number of factors, I’m setting a goal of 3:40 for the Cleveland Marathon in May.

The next two days were spent mostly at the Running USA Annual Conference. Lots of great networking with other race directors, including a LOT of Ohio race staff, as well as vendors who’ve I’ve only communicated with by phone or e-mail.

40th Annual Houston Marathon