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In This Together! May Challenge

How many miles can you go in the month of May? Ready for another challenge?  Great!  Pick one or more events and the challenge is on.  In the month of May, you will keep track of your activity miles and the time you have spent doing it.  Earn an...

2020 Art Moore FA 25 & 50k

Time for the annual blog post! (Almost went a year without one.) 2020 promises to be a year of running renewal. How could it not? Only one new marathon state (Delaware) in 2019 (and only 4 marathons) but hoping to get a few more in the New Year. First up is not a new...

A Couple More News Sites

          A couple more news sites started: Hacking Daily News at http://hackingdailynews.com Startup Business Daily News at http://startupbusinessdailynews.com Data Science Daily News at http://datasciencedailynews.com Again, if you’re...

New News Sites

After creating the Running Daily News site a couple weeks ago, I started a few more daily sites: WordPress Administration news and resources at http://wp-admin.com Web Design news and resources at http://webdesigndailynews.com Free and low-cost legal news and...

Running Daily News

Check out the new Running Daily News newsletter with news and information on running, training, races, health and general fitness.

New Profit Hunters Site

Working on some new stuff for ProfitHunters.com.  Check out the site and look for more changes/updates in the coming weeks.

The Legend

              There are a lot more stories to tell about Art, but this article gives you a good introduction. I’ve known Art since the late 80’s/early 90’s when he was at his running peak and doing weekly marathons...